Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Gifts

I personalized 4 of these smaller market baskets for the girls and filled them with Easter goodies. (Except for Sarah, who will get get a baggie of cheerios.)

I used the curlz font and didn't worry about keeping my letters on a line, and I like the way they turned out. But the fun part was after I embroidered them. Issa and Mae were in my sewing room helping, and Issa asked if she could take the white stuff off the back of the design. I handed her my purple "thang" and she went to work. I was seated at my machine and glanced over and smiled; she was so intent on her task, and it made the sweetest photograph. She did an excellent job, getting even the smallest pieces of stabilizer from the inside of Katelyn's basket.

Behind Issa, you can see hanging on the wall a sample that Kathleen made for me of various serger stitches. I used her Bernina serger for the little skirt a few weeks ago, and it is nice to have a sampling available to see the different finishes that a serger will do.

So my little gifts in this post aren't the baskets. They are the time spent with my girls in my sewing room, my serger sampler on the wall, and my sweet friends who do nice little things for meet just because.

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  1. She is a mini-Mandy! Love this sweet picture of Miss Issa.

  2. Mary, I have got to see your little Haley and Issa the next time you get together. I am sure to have flashbacks! Think they can get themselves locked in a bathroom or lost at the mall?