Monday, August 9, 2010

My Birmingham Sweetie

Just how cute is this little one? She is a new big sister and so so precious.
I made this dress from a pattern that I made from a purchased dress. It was really so simple. I just laid it out flat on tissue paper, drew out the 3 pieces and added 1/4 inch seams. Because I am a little slow with these things, turning it with the straps was a challenge, but with my neighbor Lin's help we got it figured out. If I did it again I would line the grosgrain straps and use some stabelizer in them. The original had buttons on both sides and was reversible, but I did not go quite that far with it. I made one for Mae in the pink and a green lining.
Yet again, this is more of the fabric that will not be used up.

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  1. You sure do have some precious grand daughters!!!

  2. should be this age..NOT my grandchildren. where did the time go?