Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are You a Celine fan?

I had not been, but she has a beautiful CD of lullabies, Miracle, that Mandy got after Issa was born. You can rock a sweet baby for a long time, and some of the lyrics will bring tears to your eyes. One little lullabye, A Mother's Prayer, is just wonderful and Mandy loved it. I decided to do something special with the lyrics, so I used a piece of white fabric, bordered it with some leftovers from Issa's drapes, put a little batting in it and attached a polka dot ribbon. Mandy hung it on a shutter that is in Issa's room where she hangs bonnets, a little china plate, some lavender and some other keepsakes.
The verse says:

Lead her to a place,
Guide her with your grace,
To a place where
She'll be safe.

I guess that is probably a prayer for all mothers and grandmothers for their little ones. (and grown ones, too)
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