Friday, August 6, 2010

Late summer cutie

Another little outfit sewn in Nashville at Children's corner. This little set was also designed by Lizette. The top is seersucker and embellished with pearl cotton. The pants were designed to be cropped, but I got them a little long, I bet next summer it will all fit just fine. The pants are from the little Charlotte Revised pattern and also have the pearl cotton embellishment on the ruffle, but it is hard to see. Again, the 3 days in Nasheville couldn't have been more fun. Spending the time in a room with like minded women, doing what you love to do, just couldn't have been more enjoyable!
By the way, this little girl was sent home from her preschool class for wearing this. I never quite understood that...the straps are wide, double straps with a large knot at the shoulder. Posted by Picasa

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