Monday, August 23, 2010

Mae's little skirt

I copied this little skirt from one that had been purchased for Katelyn. The original was very much the same, three fabrics, one of them is an eyelet trim. I bought a yard of this green eyelet in the drapery fabrics at Forsyth Fabrics a few years ago, and have used bits of the edge because the scalloped edge was so pretty. The floral is a one of sample fabrics that a friend gave me. I have really used them alot...with such tiny little bodies a small bit of fabric can make a skirt! The bottom trim is just a little polka dot cotton that I had left from another project.
My sewing room is filled with soft colors and lots of pinks since that seems to be what the girls are showing a preference for now. Mixing and matching is not so much of a problem. Who knows what they will like as they get older?
I measured the bottom of the original skirt; it was about 35" around, then measured the length of each little section and added seam allowances. I made a casing at the top, measured my elastic around Mae's tummy and VOILA! A sassy little skirt for Miss Mae. The hardest part was getting her to hold still while I got elastic around her waist!
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