Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flea Market find

Posted by PicasaYou may need to click on the photo is really see this monogram, but I think it is a pretty one. It is an embroidery arts disc; the Gothic monogram. The towel is a flea market find. I couldn't pull up the text telling me how to do it, so I just blindly forged ahead. I think I may have done the initials backwards. G is my last initial and it is behind the D. I have just had it hanging on this firescreen in my bathroom, but I think I am going to put a pocket in the top, put it on a tension rod, and hang it in the little window in the ORANGE bathroom at the lake. (the first owners had to be Auburn fans) I wonder if I could paint orange laminate counter tops RED?
When I was ironing this, I sprayed it with 505 adhesive instead of spray starch and couldn't figure out why the iron wouldn't move!

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