Monday, January 23, 2012

Three Sweethearts


My heart to you is given:
Oh,  do give yours to me;
We'll lock them up togeher
And throw away the key.
              ~Frederick Saunders


I wanted my girlies to have their Valentine t-shirts a little ahead of the holiday so that they could enjoy wearing them.  I got three of them finished today; Mae is next on the list.  Katelyn's is first; it is a frame that I have used before from Band To Bow and added  "Its good to be..."  inside the frame. 
Issa's t-shirt applique is from Five Star Fonts.  I forgot to add her name until I had finished the applique, so I just added it from the fonts in the machine; this one is Cursive.  The litle middle heart is chennile, and she especially likes that.
The last photo is Sarah's little onesie with the Five Star Font applique.  I remembered on this one to add the font in the software and angled it to follow the slant of the hearts; the font is Sugar and Spice.

I have some fun new fabrics that we ordered from and am ready to make threir valentine pillowcases!

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