Monday, January 9, 2012

Pillowcase for Tony O

Sleep all night, in my sight
Though you're off to dreamland.
Then tomorrow with the sun,
Back to Mama, little one.   ~  French Folk Song
Little Tony Owen, Kathy's precious grandson, needed a birthday pillowcase.   Kathy went to work and  whipped up this bright one, with his name in applique and colors to suit an active little boy.  The font is the Happy Applique Font from Five Star Fonts.  The pillowcase is made from a yard of fabric, with an extra strip of bright red trim.

To make the pillowcase, 3 different fabrics are used; Kathy used a strip of the main fabric for the cuff of Tony's.  One strip is 27 inches, one is 9, and the trim is 1 and a half inches long.  You line up the strips on top of each other on the ironing board, matching folds and selvage edges as closely as you can.  Use a rotary cutter to trim them to the exact same width.  Now make 3 circles of fabric, you can use a serger or french seams if you like.  Then sew up the end of the largest circle, making the body of your pillowcase.
Now fold both the small trim strip and 9 inch cuff strip lengthwise and press. 
   Baste the trim circle to the cuff, then encircle this piece on the outside of the case.   All of your pieces match nicely because you took time to trim them all the same length.  (not in my nature, but boy is this a good idea.)  Sew the cuff and trim piece to the body of your pillowcase, trim the edges and finish the seam.  
Little Tony must certainly need his naps.  His  late afternoon antics are sometimes shared with us as he facetimes with his grandma, and his red hair and big smile are often the bright spot in an otherwise dreary day!

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  1. But I'm afraid I'd want to play, not sleep with this pillow. :-)