Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie...

The minute that Kathy showed this quote to me, in my heart of hearts I knew just which little girl would wear it!  Our petite Sarah, the powerhouse of the grandgirlies... 18 months old, and this little girl takes care of business.  She doesn't ask for help, if she needs something, she moves furniture or climbs until she gets it.  She doesn't tantrum; a slight shake of the head informs her bibi that she prefers not to comply with the request.  Before her bath, she marches unclothed through the den taking her dirty clothes to the laundry room.  I picture her as the CEO of a corporation someday.  While this may have been a winter of discontent, this little girlie has brightened our lives; she keeps us in stitches.
This quote was digitized by Kathy, she used the Giselle font for the first 2 lines and Alice for the last.  I did have some difficutly stitching it out, but after trying many different solutions, I came out with a product that would work . I backed the onesie with polymesh cutaway.  My thread (I use Isacord) kept shredding and breaking, and this was I problem that I never have.  I rethreaded several times, checked the bobbin, dusted the case, oiled it, changed needles, ( I was using a 75/11 ball point), slid a second piece of stabilizer under the hoop, all to no avail.  A text from Kathy suggested a larger needle, so I ended up using an 80/12 sharp, and then decided to decrease the top thread tension just a bit.   The rest of the quote sewed out like a charm!
I can't wait to see Sarah in this; my love for this little girl is as constant as the Northern Star!

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