Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Mamie Made It!

Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over
the lives of little children .  ~Alex Haley
Even though she hasn't been feeling her best, Mamie knew what little Amelia needed for her birthday...a faux fur vest, with matching headband.  And of course it needed a beautiful monogram just like Mamie's not so faux fur.  The label proudly claims  "My Mamie Made it!"  just like Amelia does whenever she recieves a compliment for her attire.
Mamie used a Simplicity pattern, a satin lining, and pretty white frogs to serve as closures for the front of the vest. She reported that it sewed up quickly; in fact it could have been done in about an hour, except for the usual glitch that we both seem to experience when it comes to turning  these things.  You can see from Amelia's smile that she is more than happy with her birthday surprise, and what better way could a Mamie find to wrap up her sweet Amelia on a cold January day?


  1. Comments are up and running again. Too bad for Makayla that Omi doesn't do what Mamie and Bibi do!

  2. So glad Mamie is feeling better and ready to sew again. Precious!