Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lisa's Envelope Clutch

Letters are the most significant memorial a person can leave beind him. ~ Goethe 

 While there may not be a letter enclosed in this cute little envelope, it is the perfect size for anything else you might need when you are just a little too dressed up for your comfy shoulder bag.  Lisa showed us how to make it in one of her  "I Love To Sew" presentations at the store.
  The fabric of the dress that she was wearing was a perfect match to this Dupioni silk.  It was really very easy to stitch out, and she gave us the directions, all printed up, so that you could take them home and make your own envelope clutch.  On this bag, she used her # 32 pintuck foot to embellish the top of the bag before she cut it out, and gave us lots of ideas for other  embellishments.  She used Timtex as her stabilizer, cut it about a 1/4 inch smaller than the clutch, and after she had constructed the fabric part of the purse, just  folded it over and slid it into the fabric.  She used strips of Wonder Tape to hold down the 1/4 inch seams which were the final step to the bag, and then neatly topstitched it closed with the #10 foot.
Lisa is an accomplished sewist, and her first love is anything heirloom; she shares her expertise through her many Martha Pullen projects which she teaches at the store . Her heriloom classes  aren't limited to sweet baby clothes; she does placemats, totes, and lots of fun projects.   If you want to contact lisa about classes, email her at lisablejwas@ bellsouth.net.

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