Thursday, January 26, 2012

Market Basket

 To market to market to buy a fat pig,
Home again home again, jiggety jig!

I did this market basket for Susan, and while she may not be carrying any fat pigs in it, I have a feeling it might make a trip or two to her home in the mountains.   I have embroidered  these baskets before, and while the Bernina 200 may not be the simplest machine to do them on, you can make it work, but it would have gone much easier and much more quickly on a commercial machine .   I had to take it off  it's frame, which is easy enough, turned it inside out, hooped some Stabilstik and removed the covering, then lined it up and pressed it to the sticky surface in the hoop.  Then it was just a matter of attaching the hoop carefully to the machine and watching it as it stitched out.
The font is Kaleidoscope from a Bernina collection; it is bright and fun to stitch.


  1. Hey...I'll tell her! I have a feeling she would like that!