Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Note to self!

I am including this post so that I can remember exactly what my fix was for this problem. I have a pair of knit slacks that I like, but they had HUGE legs. I wanted to cut them down, but have not sewn much at all on knits. I missed the "stretch and sew" phase that many of my sewing friends did back in the late seventies!
I chose the #10 stitch on my Bernina artista; it is a double overlock stitch and looks a little like a serger stitch to me. I used the #2 foot; it has a little finger on the right side of the foot to catch the thread and hold it on the right side as you stitch. The stitch takes a few straight stitches, zags to the right to stitch on the right side over the raw edge for a few stitches, then zigs back to the left to start all over again. My seam is nice and flat. For the hem, I turned them under about an inch and used my twin needle. It gave a pretty double line of stitching on the front of the hem.

Who knew? Such little things, but I am so excited! Now I have a record of it to look back to, and I won't have to scratch my head and say, "Self, what stitich did you use to fix those pants?"

Now I just need to figure out how to focus this danged camera.
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