Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Manly Monograms

These handkerchiefs have been on my shelf for over a year, and it took the 4th day of a snow in for me to consider embroidering them for Joe. Shame on me! I did 4 and there are 8 more to do. These are not so much fun.

The top two were done from embroidery arts designs, the petite monogram. There are 3 different fonts on the disc, and I used the first two. I like the size of them best. The next is the empire font from another embroidery arts collection, and I reduced it to 25 mm, or about an inch in length. The bottom one is the King Charles font that is on my Bernina and it is also about an inch in length. The bottom two are just a little too large and even with the reduction in stitches in the software, I think the designs are a little too dense. I am going to ask someone at the sewing center just how tiny the software will let me make the monograms.

I used a heavy sticky stabilizer and moistened it, laying the handerchief on top. I patched what was in the hoop after removing the handerchief and reused it.

This project brings up the question, why would a man want to use a handerchief instead of a Kleenex? The only answer I can come up with is OLD AGE. I cannot picture my son or son in law whipping out a hankie when they feel a sneeze coming on!
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  1. I knew you would be productive during the snow days! All I did was read. Do you do monogrammed hankies for hire? I'm thinking they would make great gifts for the men in my life.