Sunday, January 30, 2011

Issa's Easter dress

I am just loving this little dress. Or frock. It does look like a little "frock" to me! I have finished everything except the slip. I did buttonholes, instead of beauty pins in the back, and I think Issa's mommy and daddy will be appreciative on Sunday mornings as they are getting the girls dressed and approaching the "where did we put the beauty pins" hour. You can't see the little buttons on the front of the bodice too well, but they are called sequin buttons, and have two tiny holes at the top of the button instead of the center. They are pearl and precious on the dress.

The slip will be slightly longer than the dress, with another row of lace peeping out from the bottom, and I may gather the lace. I am hoping my next photograph will be of a precious curly haired little girl modeling it. I have visions of 75 degress, her hair pulled back and little bare feet. I am so ready for spring!
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  1. So beautiful. I love the sweet lace at the bottom. I'm sure it will look perfect on Issa.