Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gamma's Blankie

             Have courage for the great sorrows of life
             and patience for the small ones; 
             and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, 
             go to sleep in peace. 
                                            ~Victor Hugo

I know this blankie is going to give little Miss Molly many hours of
peaceful  slumber.

Kathy is expecting a new granddaughter soon, and of course this calls for new blankets and burp cloths.  She searched for days hunting for just the right blue and coral combination, and I think she found it!  The blanket is the absolute softest in the world.  The back is  a soft Minkey in turquoise and white.The Minkey is 60 inches wide,  so a yard cut will do.
It is topped with a pretty little flannel print. Warm and Natural batting is sandwiched in between.  The fabrics are cut to 36" by 42"

Next she bastes the layers together, and I watched her quilt it on a Crown Jewel using a beautiful wave-like  free motion pattern.   I love this free motion quilting, and for some reason I much prefer it to precision of the software designs. Her work shows much skill and hours of practice.

Kathy does her binding by cutting bias strips, 2 and 1/4 inches wide and she cuts PLENTY of them.   There are lots of sites that show this technique, but she attaches them evenly on the angle, and the look is smooth and neat.  She folds her binding in half lengthwise, then turns the folded edge to the back of the blanket and whips it down by hand.

 Her gift is completed with  2 burp cloths, trimmed with a blue polka dot ribbon.  Lucky Miss Molly to have Kathy for her Grandma!

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