Monday, May 13, 2013

A mother's treasure is her daughter.       ~ Catherine Pulsifer

 Miss Mae has a new, well, almost new, outfit.  The skirt was passed down from Issa and Mandy asked for a t shirt to go with it.  I was not feeling my most creative ;  I had a difficult time trying to bring in a third color that I liked, so I just went with the dark pink corduroy from the skirt for the applique.  I did use black as the outline color to give it a little punch, knowing that the shirt will be worn with much more than the skirt.
     The skirt is another Children's Corner pattern, with two pieces of elastic on either side giving it a nice fit around the waist.  I have got to make more of these skirts, I know all the girls would like them.

I was pleased with the results of the applique, I used 1 layers of beige polymesh cut away.  It is lightweight, but stable enough to work well under a knit.  Then I slid a scrap of tearaway under the hoop, and added a layer of solvy on top.  The results are a nice smooth applique.

    This little girl is certainly one of Mandy's treasures, rowdy as she is.  She loves her new t-shirt, and her almost new skirt. She does NOT, however, love posing for the camera on demand, but she will roll her eyes and do it for her Bibi anyway.

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