Thursday, June 21, 2012

True Type Fonts in Stitches!

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. ~John Steinbeck

I got another lesson today from Kathy on changing any old true type font into stitches with my Bernina Artista Version 6  Software.  I was so excited to see LOVE in stitches on my computer screen, that I ran downstairs to my internet laptop to type these instructions .
I wanted the font, Chopin Script, but it was not in the true type folder in my computer.  So I went to 1,001 Free Fonts and downloaded the font, saving it to my desktop.

(Now for most of you, this is no big deal, but I am telling you it took me awhile.  Just stick with it or get your son or daughter to help.  click, save to, and I save to my desktop because it is easy to see and click and drag.  You just want the font to show up on your desktop.   Go to START in the bottom left corner of the screen, and click on Control Panel.  When this screen comes up, you just have to scroll until you find a Fonts folder.  It is really there, honest!  Then minimize your screen, click on the font that you have saved, and drag it into your fonts folder.  WooHoo!  You are almost done! Really not as hard as I seem to have made it.)

Now it is time to open your Artista software, reading all of those nice little tips as you wait.  When your software opens, click on Art Canvas.  Then if you click on the A icon on the left, fonts will appear on a toolbar at the top, there are all of your fonts in alphabetical order and Voila!  The font that you saved is there, right where you need it!  Click on your font.
  Go to the middle of your screen and type whatever it is you want to stitch. Now go to the top icon on the left and select.  It took me a few times.  You are almost there!  Click on the corner of your lettering and drag on a diagonal and your lettering will increase in size.You can play around with the size on this screen, and you will want to get it to the right size here, because you can't make changes once you take it into the embroidery canvas.
When you have the size you want, find the icon on the bottom left that says to change to embroidery, left click, and go back to the embroidery canvas. DONE! At this point you might want to change or add the underlay a little, depending on your project.
My next linen pillows will be stitched in the pretty Chopin Script font. And if it is a month from now when I get to it,  I know where to go for the directions!


  1. Thanks for the directions. Kathy said I should have "curly" font in my Bernina Software v.5, but I don't. Any idea how I get it?

  2. Curly wasn't in my version 5 and i don't think it is in v 6 but I don't have designer, just editor. I would just go to 1001 fonts and download it to your desktop, then click and drag into your fonts folder through the control panel. Then you can go into art canvas and follow the directions from there. Kathy has pointed out how easy it would be in I guess I really do need it!

  3. Thanks for the info. While I am recouping from my hip surgery, I am doing excerises to learn more about my V6 software. I will try this. Love the script! Janey

  4. Janey, we have got to get together! Since you will have some free time, I am charging you with the task of finding a sewing class...something easy and fun, and the 3 of us can do a ROOAD TRIP! Glad you are recouperating nicely.