Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sarah's Pillowcase Dress

In June 'tis good to lie beneath a tree
While the blithe season comforts every sense,
Steeps all the brain in rest, and heals the heart,
Brimming it o'er with sweetness unawares.
        ~James Russell Lowell  (1819-91)

   While in Birmingham, I decided to bring my old 830 and I set up shop in Katelyn's dining room.  Katelyn and I have repaired a baby stroller, hemmed a pair of pants, sewn stitches following a pencil line, and made a pillowcase dress for Sarah.  I had this soft white pillowcase with pink and green embroidery in my stash, and decided to bring it with me.
The dress is done without a pattern.  I just cut out little armholes, used my excess fabric to make 1 inch bias strips, and I stitched, then whipped the bindings to the inside of the armhole. I put casings in the top of the front and the back, and ran pink ribbon through the casing. I will replace the satin ribbon with some grosgrain; the satin just doesn't have enough body to hold up in the casing.
We went outside to take our photographs;  Sarah had a bad case of Bed Head but I was anxious to get the picture because a storm was threatening.  But there is nothing prettier than a little girl in a soft white cotton dress on a summer day.  Nothing.

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  1. Oh oh oh! Just precious! Love the way the sun shines through it. Curious to know how old that pillowcase is. My grandmother did a lot of pink and green embroidery and crochet projects. I always thought it was just her favorite color combo, but wondering if it was a trendy color scheme for needlework of her time---1930s, 40s, & 50s.