Monday, May 28, 2012

Twirly Girlie

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters. 
 Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.
                                                                    ~W.H. Auden

Is there a little girl who doesn't love a twirly skirt? I got this dance when I asked to photograph our skirt this morning at the lake.

  I used the same number of squares that I did for Issa's skirt, 7 for the first row, 11 for the second, 16 for the third.  I serged them together with the trusty White serger.  My only regret is that I forgot to pipe between the three rows.  I think it might have been really a pretty touch.  I added a row of  binding at the bottom, cutting a strip 2 inches wide, folding one side under and pressing it, then stitching it to the skirt, right side of binding to wrong side of skirt.  For the waistband, I added a strip of coordinating fabric for the inside of the skirt, then ran 22inches of 1 inch elastic.
The iron at the lake is at least twenty years old, so the little skirt didn't get the pressing that it needed.  I don't think Katelyn will mind too much.
Dance, Katelyn, Dance!


  1. Is there a big girl who doesn't love one?

  2. Love the skirt! How big were the squares? What size did you make? I don't comment, but I still follow you.