Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tea for Two

A Proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one you forget about afterwards.
                                                      ~ A. A. Milne


I love the thought of sitting down with Issa and having a cup of tea .  In New Zealand, at school in the morning, they don't have a snack, they have Morning Tea.  When we face time late at night, she has just come home from school to a cup of chamomile tea with honey for her Afternoon Tea.  Sometimes I make a cup for myself  and we have tea together.

I was so happy to find this Michael Miller fabric on Fabric.com.  I knew that it would make the perfect pillowcase for Sweet Issa.
So I measured the body of my fabric 27 inches long, the cuff nine inches and the little accent strip 1 and 1/2 inches.  I then laid them out on my cutting mat, one on top of the other and evened the widths all perfectly the same with a rotary cutter.  I sewed up the side seams to make 3 fabric circles, and then sewed up the end of the body of the pillowcase.

In this photo, I have all 3 pieces of fabric layered together, the body, the accent strip which is in between the body and the cuff, and the polka dot cuff, which is on top.  I finished the seams with a zig zag.  (I did not use my serger because it had dark thread in it!)
I miss my all of my girlies when they aren't here with me,  but honestly my Proper Tea  with Issa at midnight is the perfect ending to my day.


  1. I have my tea bag in the pot and my water simmering, it's almost time for afternoon tea in Auckland!

  2. So sweet! I love that you can share a cup of tea together!

  3. Mary, it's so fun for me, and chamomile is great for me to have right before I go to bed! Surely miss those girlies.