Monday, May 21, 2012

Ruffles, but no ridges

 I love this fun little pillow.  We did it duriing a Bernina training session at the store, and it was quick and easy to do.
     We used  Hoffman's Bali Pops, and sewed yards and yards and yards of them together.  The next step was to fold the strip in half lengthwise and press, then we ran them through the ruffler, which was sooo easy.  We set the ruffler to stitch every 6th stitch and with the screw in front of the attachment, we backed off the depth of the little pleat.  Then we attached it to the front of our pillow top (cut to an 18 by 18 inch square) beginning at the outside edge, slowly going around our pre drawn circle,  spiriling in toward the center.  We tried to barely cover the stitching line of the previous row, not pulling it too tight.  As we approached the center, we especially made our circles a little looser so that it wouldn't pull up in the center.
     You can't see from the photograph, but we stippled the four corners of the pillow top;  we had made a sandwich with the two 18 by 18 inch squares and Warm and Natural batting.  The back of the pillow is  two 17 by 24 inch pieces that we folded back to overlap; we added 3 buttons and buttonholes for the closure.
   I am anxious to try this pillow with muslin, maybe even not not folding the ruffle lengthwise, but letting it fray with a raw edge.  I will just have to play around with it a little to see what I like


  1. Quick and Easy? I think not!

  2. One of the fun things about sewing is that most projects look much more difficult than they really are! I can follow directions with the best of them, and that is all this was. Thank you, my ever loyal follower!