Monday, May 14, 2012

Grandma and Bibi love

Between the earth and the sky above,
Nothing can match a grandmother's love. 

 I have to get some photography AND computer skills.  You can barely see Alex's pillowcase, and it is so cute.  The font is the London font from the Artista software and Kathy changed the fill stitch.  It is a really pretty effect but you can't see it from the photograph.  Her fabric, like mine, is probably from  The Happy Birthday print is covered with balloons and is precious.

Mae's pillowcase was snakebit from the beginning.  It started out with tea party fabric, but I obviously did not follow the old adage, measure twice, cut once.  Oops.  That fabric is destined to be something other than a pillowcase.

Now the pillowcase is mermaids, but it is in Mae's favorite purple so that was just fine.  I must not have been careful with my seam allowances because I had difficulty fitting the cuff to the body of the pillowcase, and I had to ease all the way around stitching it together.  I used the #12 foot to attach the rickrack and the trim to the cuff.  I was halfway through stitching the applique  letters when I bumped the embroidery module with my elbow and knocked everything off about a half inch.  I tried setting back up with the needle unthreaded to no avail.  So I just did a fairly tight zigzag around the letters with the sewing side of my machine and it worked just fine.  I used 2 layers of cotton under my pique applique because the print did show through the lettering.  The trim is a rainbow rickrack that I turned over because I needed white, and the piping was an experiment.  I think next time I will just use the flat trim that Kathy uses in between the cuff and the body of the pillowcase.  I have a couple more pillowcase surprises for my girlies, so I am headed back up to my sewing closet!

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