Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thank You Aunt Marge

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  ~Leonardo DaVinci

     Tucked back in a corner of the cleanest and most organized basement I have ever had the pleasure to explore sat this little sewing machine .  I carefully dragged it over to the center of the room and lifted the lid.  I was thrilled.  It was a very old metal singer, in beautiful condition.  Barry, the sewing machine man at the Sewing Center has since told me it was a Singer 101. It does not have a belt; it is gear driven, and it is beautiful.  It does a straight stitch. That's it.  No zig zag, no decorative stitches, no reverse stitch.  A beautiful straight stitch.  The Singer lettering on the throat is worn off from years of gently raising it up to use.
     I remember when I was about 12, visiting Uncle Earl and Aunt Marge, and the absolute thrill of Marge's sister, Ann, making a dress for me on this machine.  It was a blue and white gingham shift with ruffles around the bottom, and it would actually be pretty much in style today.  I loved that dress and wore it out.
     I have been sewing little Sarah's songbird dress today, but I keep coming to the den and playing with my little Singer,  I have hemmed a pair of pants on it and it just hums along.  I have a feeling this little machine in it's pretty oak cabinet is going to give me years of pleasure.
And I am not a photographer, but thinking about simplicity  made me appreciate the view out of my kitchen window.  My rose bush is going crazy and I have a thing for rocks (don't ask me why) and this one lives on the window sill.  Simple things.


  1. Your Mae-Mae, halfway around the world (well not that far) found a little rock for you this morning on the way to school, and Issa found "the perfect leaf for Bibi". No joke! Just today. The rock is in my window too! Love you, Mom!

  2. Aww gee. Mandy. When I was holding my rock she was picking up hers! And what a pretty leaf! I love that I have treasures waiting on me in New Zealand. (other than 4 very dear people!)thanks for making my day. Love you

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely post! Lovely on every level---the nostalgia, the clean basement, the singer, the sentiment, the rosebush, the rock, the simplicity of it all, and the connection across the world. Mmmmm. Thank you.

  4. You are so kind. You warm my heart and I thank you.

  5. I love this post! The Singer reminds me of my Mother's Singer, except hers was powered by her feet. She taught me how to use it and I remember being thrilled I could do it! I too collect rocks. They are everywhere--on my window sill,, in my pockets. Thanks for the smiles.

  6. jj, an old tredle machine would make my heart sing! I did not have the pleasure of ever using one, but I hear stories of customers from our store; we have an old Bernina at our entrance that is so much fun to look at and it gets as many compliments as our Super Duper new machines do!

    I have to love a woman who loves rocks! thanks, debbie