Friday, April 20, 2012

enjoy life

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. 
 ~Allen Chalmers

Kathy must have a wonderful selection of dish towels.  She has just completed this one on her Bernina 830.  Her machine stitches so fast; I am sure it took her no time to do.   It is nice and large and easy to read.  She gets these designs from Embroitique, and stitches them out for friends and family.
But these designs have got me to thinking.  I have been making my own little list for several months, and I was thinking about asking my sister to just paint it out for me in her really cool handwriting.  But maybe I can put it through the software and stitch it out.
Feed the birds
Make ruffles
Feel the wind on your face
Play with your girlies
Pamper your hydrangeas
Ride your bike
That is just a start of my little list.  I have many more things that I need to remind myself to do to make sure that I enjoy this life with which I have been blessed.
So until I finish my list, and get it out of my heart and on to fabric,  I will do one of these sweet towels to take to the lake, hang in the kitchen, and remember to enjoy life.


  1. So beautiful. We should all make our own lists.

    For what it's worth, I have that same "grand essentials" quote on the wall near my desk. My wall attributes it to Joseph Addison, though. Couldn't remember my source, so I googled it. How interesting, what I found (see below). I guess we'll never know who first said it, but it's a great quote and so true!

    " . . . this quote has been credited to an "Allan K. Chalmers". This quote has also, however, been attributed to Joseph Addison, who lived from 1672-1719."

  2. You know Debbie, I think I have always been a grateful person, but it has taken a real tragedy in my life to make me feel even more deeply how appreciative I am for all the little things in life. It sounds trite, it is difficult to express, but it is so so true.