Friday, April 27, 2012

Gone Fishin

                 Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.

                                                                  ~Henry David Thoreau

This t-shirt was done for Katelyn, who loves to fish.  More than one weekend at the lake has passed with Katelyn being the only person to catch a fish. I am amazed at her patience and thrilled by her smile when she holds up her prize.

   The green t-shirt was ordered from an internet website and it is a little flimsier that the standard Target shirts that for some reason have been in short supply.  I like the lettuce edge detail on the sleeves and bottom, but wish I could have found some locally.  The design is from Planet Applique and I added her name through the software
The beauty of this little post is that my son, who took the photograph, is wise far beyond his years.  When his daughter asks,"Daddy, can we go fishing?"  the answer is yes whenever possible.  He figured out long ago that it was not the fish he was after.


  1. You know, don't you, that now I read your blog as much for the quotes as to see what project you're up to next. This one is especially nice. Until I started my backyard meditation practice, I couldn't understand what people saw in the sport of fishing. Your quote makes it perfectly clear.

    1. Debbie I have had real problems with this sport for years; but it is what Joe's family does at the lake. It breaks my heart to see a fish struggle for breath.
      But they throw them back, I hope unharmed, maybe to be caught again. And I absolutely love the time that they all spend together.