Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Niece

Esme:  1.French,  "beloved "or "esteemed"

   I got this picture of my sweet niece Esme through email, and I can't enlarge
the picture, which is sad because she is sooo cute.
   Esme took a sewing class last summer and started this precious top .  She was
able to pull it out last week and finish it up by herself.  She has grown up to such a beautiful young lady, is an accomplished gymnast, an excellent student, and has
recently been accepted into the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Esme acts with the Bards of Birmingham where she will learn to put her new sewing skills to use while
helping make costumes    The part of Miranda  will be played by Esme in their production
of The Tempest. Can you tell I am slightly proud of this sweet niece?
   I hope she will come and visit soon so we can sew together again!

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