Friday, February 3, 2012

100% Pure

That is how New Zealand promotes itself, 100% Pure!  Mandy and Jake have the opportunity to spend 10 months there while Jake completes an assignment for his company.  It has been no small task, but the little family is all packed up and  ready to head out.  They will be sorely missed, but I could not be happier for them.

My girls needed a t-shirt to mark the occasion, and since there are almost as many as sheep in New Zealand as there are people, this sheep applique from Lynnie Pinnie was just the thing.  I did the sheep's body in Warm and White batting, the face is linen and the eyes are white batiste.   The lettering shows up a little better in person than it does in my photgraph, but it is in soft pink and says 
Bibi's girls
New Zealand bound!
What is a bibi to do without these beautiful smiles down the street?  I know that my Birmingham girls had better stay put, and it seems that there may be a trip to Auckland for me  in the near future.


  1. New Zealand! I am beyond jealous. I have some blogging friends in New Zealand.
    Bibi must look them up when she visits!

  2. Yes! I remember reading that. I will be watching the fares and can't wait to see the country.