Saturday, February 4, 2012

Behold the turtle...he only makes progress when he stitcks his neck out. ~ James Bryant Conant

Big, Issa and Mae's grandfather, told the girls that NOW they are polywogs, but after they reach New Zealand they will be Shellbacks, since they have crossed the Equator.  Uncle Justin was in the Navy and can tell them all about Polywogs and Shellbacks.

Here are 2 more t shirts for the girls to take with them.  They are the same Cherokee t shirts that I have been using, the applique came from Designs by Juju, and the font is Alice. This time I remembered to add underlay to the lettering; I went to Object Properties, Effects, Underlay, and did a double zigzag then an edgewalk.  The letters look much clearer and sharper.  I narrowed the satin stitch around the shell.  On the first shirt, I did not change the satin stitch on the legs to a step stitch, and the machine seemed to struggle as it jumped from one side to the other.  For the second shirt, I added underlay and changed to a step stitch; it looks much nicer.  And I think I have FINALLY remembered Marian's rule....Always use two layers of stabilizer!

I put the applique in my software first, and after I typed in the letters,  I went to the curved ABC icon so that I could curve my lettering around the applique.   Daddy has his Visa, and now we are all waiting to see when they will board the big jet for  Issa and Mae's Great Adventure!

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