Sunday, August 14, 2011

Old way applique

I did this little t shirt to go with my crazy patch skirt. I wanted to do the applique the old fashioned way, and it was fun! I first placed my leaves, then sewed down the rick rack on top of the edges of the leaves. For the applique, I used Wonder Under, ironed it to the back of the fabric, cut out my petals and leaves, peeled off the backing and pressed them down. To sew the petals and leaves down, I decided to use stitch #754 on my 200, which is a tiny blanket stitch. It was easy to go around the raw edges; I did not have the patience to turn them under. The little iron by Clover made it easy to press the fabric petals. You can see one problem with the little iron, though. It gets nice and hot, and if you leave it a little too long on any surface, you will get a good scorch mark. I must be a slow learner, because as you can see, it has happened more than once.

Issa always requests, if I forget, that I put "that soft stuff on the back". Sometimes the embroidery is scratchy to her skin, and I use a fusible product from Floriani, I think it is called Dreamweave. Cut a portion large enough to cover the applique on the wrong side, round the edges, then press it down rough side to the t-shirt using a press cloth. Nice and smooth for tender tummies!

One little yellow button finishes off my flower.


  1. I can't see a single scorch mark!

  2. Not on the t shirt, but look at my poor iroing board cover!