Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Shrinking Violet

Miss Mae came by to visit this Sunday afternoon after her nap, and she was feeling good! Willie Nelson was softly singing Rainbow Connection, and Mae broke into dance, ending with this TA-DA moment.
The dress is in its third summer of wear, and it is one of Mae's favorites. It was also made in Nashville at the Children's Corner, and the pattern was designed by Susan, who I believe is one of the owners. The little leggins were just a Simplicity pattern, and they were a breeze to sew up on the serger. The dress has a button tab in the back, and the bodice is lined with a purple gingham.

The applique on the bodice was done the easy way, the flowers were cut from the knit, then fused to the bodice. We used a short straight stitch to just stitch around the outline of the flower.

I have to say once again that Children's Corner patterns are my favorites. They fit well, the directions are clear and easy to follow, and they are beautiful when they are finished.

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