Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bibi love and a Happy Dance

Only a grandma would do this. And only a grandma friend would help her do it.
Mandy got Issa the beautiful matching backpack and lunchbox from Pottery Barn. Issa loves it so much she hasn't taken it off in 2 days. Really. It hangs on the back of her chair during meals. And with my expensive embroidery machine, I could not allow Mandy to pay to have it embroidered. I WOULD DO IT! No Problem.
The lunch box was done, and in the middle of stitching the backpack, the foot came off the machine with a terrible clatter, broke the needle and looked like I had done some serious damage to my beloved Bernina. I was heartsick.
Issa was sad.
Very long story short, with the help of a good friend, and many miles on my car, the backpack is done. Mandy reports that our very quiet Issa, when she heard that she could carry her backpack on the very important First Day of School, did a Happy Dance and sang a song with the words..."I get to carry my backpack to school...Yay...I can carry it on Monday and Tuesday, too!"

p.s. and I think my Bernina is fine