Monday, August 15, 2011


This crazy quilt skirt was an adventure for me, but I enjoyed it so much I just might have to try my hand at quilting sooner rather than later. Issa came by this afternoon and we fit the elastic to her tiny waist. I love this pattern from Tricia Smith of Children's Corner; she has her own line of patterns now that are called Tricia's Treasures.

I love Issa in her big girl skirt. It is lined in the purple gingham and it fits really well. Tricia directs you to cut 1/4 inch from the top and bottom of the lining, and the side seams of the lining are 1/2 inch rather than 1/4 inch. That way, there is no saggy lining hanging from the hem.

You can't really see my heart surprise. I found a little 1 inch seam where I missed my decoratve stitching, so I embroidered 2 little pink hearts, one for Issa and one for Bibi. She can look down at her left knee during the day and be reminded that Bibi loves her!
p.s. and I've been humming Patsy Cline all day.


  1. Ohhh---make me cry! Reminds me of the book, The Kissing Hand.

  2. To my loyal commenter friend....I don't know that one, but it sounds like I should!

  3. Ha ha---your loyal commenter fan---the blogging world is a rather strange bunch---aren't we? If we didn't have each other, who would read us ? :-)

  4. LOVE! such a sweet story. The hearts are just precious.