Friday, February 25, 2011

So much to learn, so little time...

My newest discovery is the fact that if I can find a font in my computer, I can stitch it! I have had a world of fonts at my fingertips and have learned to access them with the help of Stuart and Marian at the Atlanta Sewing Center!

With Version 6 of the Artista Software, I have the ability to choose any font from my computer, and for Calder I chose Jokerman.
I worked in Art Canvas, typed his name and highlighted it, went to the toolbar and increased the size of the lettering, then changed the font to Jokerman. All that was left was to go to the last icon on the left side of the screen that changes your letters to stitches and WOOHOO! It shows up in stitiches back in the embroidery screen! I guess maybe I won't be using the Anniversary and Curlz fonts so much for awhile.

I liked these little caterpillars in the Martha's Minis CD, but I did not like the way that they stitched out on the birdseye diaper; it is so loose that the stitiches get a little lost. I used solvy for the lettering and it stitiched much nicer. The last thing that took me awhile to learn was to choose my ribbon...THEN choose the thread. Much easier to match that way.

I am looking forward to meeting my little red headed great nephew, Calder Alexander Trest!


  1. Jaw-dropping---that this can even be done----and then, that you can do it---and so beautifully!

  2. Isn't it cool? I want to upgrade my software, I can scan pictures then convert them to stitches! what fun!