Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cool Tool

My newest project uses the Bernina cutwork tool, and even though it was time consuming and a little pricey, I think it gave a different touch to the embroidered linen towel. The Petals and Poseys CD gave clear directions, and I was able to follow what do step by step. You place the blade where the needle would normally go in your machine, and rotate the position in different numbered steps to get it to cut sections out before it goes on to embroider the rest of the design. You need the cutwork tool and a special stitch plate as well as the CD. There were several sprays of flowers to choose from; I chose one of the smaller ones then duplicated it and rotated it to give the wreath effect around the G monogram in the anniversary font.

I wonder if you could use the CD and maybe a wing needle to cut out the design since the blade is expensive. Even after using the blade I had to use my small scissors to clean up the cutout. It might not come out as even but I think it is worth a try.

I added a small grosgrain bow in the same chocolate brown as the monogram, and it will hang in my guest bathroom, where I am sure Joe will use it, wrinkle it up and hang it back up on the rack at a jaunty angle!
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