Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's a Super Bowl miracle!

I have been working on Issa's slip today. I used the pattern from the dress, and as Carol Harris suggested, I cut 3/4 of an inch off the neckline and armholes. Carol does beautiful hand stitched shell edging, but I decided to try doing it on my machine.
After I trimmed the excess fabric, I turned the edges under about an eighth of an inch and pressed it, then turned another eighth and pressed again. I used my little Clover triangle pressing iron and my old Rowenta, and both worked just fine. Then it was just a matter of slowly stitching around the edges. I used the #9 blind hem stitch on my Bernina with a W of 5.0 and L of 2.5, making sure that the right swing of the zig zag went just off the fabric. I also increased the tension a little on the top thread. It was a SuperBowl Miracle! I went around the neck and arms in short order, gave it a good press and really like the results. I will whipstitch the inch or so where the back bodice overlaps.
I did add an extension to the back bodice pieces because the pattern was drafted to be lined; I didn't want to line the bodice of the slip. I also used a strip of lightweight fusible interfacing where the buttons and buttonholes will go. This is much more fun than watching a football game!

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  1. Superbowl miracle, ha ha! Is Joe a football fan and has he read this post?
    My husband loves to tell everyone how I used to take paperback books to the Braves games--and how he wasted his money on THAT season ticket.