Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Easy Napkin Pillow

I have been looking at these napkins at the Atlanta Sewing Center for a few months and finally couldn't stand it any more, so I brought a couple home to make a pillow. The linen napkin has a dark brown border and dots in the upper right hand corner. I took two of them, used the Candlewick font, and seamed them together twice around the edges.
I averted a near tragedy while embroidering the G. I enlarged the G a good bit while I was still in the Artista program, and thought I should probably change the fill stitch because the satin stitch was fairly wide on parts of the letter. The step stitch looks really pretty up close, but the dots were a problem. The added stitches broke a needle and made a bird's nest under my hoop, and since I had already sent the design to the machine I didn't want to try to change the stitching again. So as each dot stitched, I watched, and after it had gone around once to complete the dot, I advanced the stitching and skipped the rest of the stitches for that dot. They are still pretty dense, but they stitched out easily after that.
I used a 16 inch pillow form to stuff it and Voila! Done!

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  1. Amazing amazing---these are works of art ---what a skill set you have!