Saturday, February 19, 2011

ballet bags

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and the girls are on their way to ballet. They have new little bags that they are so excited about. Getting the photo was not so easy, sunshine in the eyes, bags flopping, feet was a rowdy photo shoot, and these are the best photographs I could get.
To embroider their names on the bags I turned them inside out, used a heavier stabilizer and hooped it, sprayed it with 505, then pressed the bag down to the hoop. It was a little difficult to embroider; I had to clip the handles back and watch carefully as it stitched. Since this was a heavier fleece, I increased the pull compensation to 3.5 and increased the underlay on the font to a double zigzag in the Artista software. I used the curlz font, and they came out really cute. The letters are nice and bold and they stand up to the furry fleece. The only problem was the fact that Mae Mae says, "I go by Mae Mae" and I couldn't get the six letters in the hoop without a lot of difficulty. So in ballet, she will just have to "go by" Mae!

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