Saturday, July 28, 2012

1949 was a very good year 

 It is time, gentle friends, to tell you why there are no new sewing projects on my blog.  It is time to come clean.  I have had either a sink full of dirty dishes, or my beds were unmade.  My only dress is in the dry cleaners.  I cannot find my French Chalk, and my hair is a total wreck.  My husband is here all the time, so at least I do not have to constantly worry that he will come home.  When I get neatly put together, and find a lipstick and powder, perhaps I will get back to my Bernina where I belong.


  1. I love this little pep talk! You do enjoy your sewing more when your ducks are in a row and your lips are pretty! Just love it! It reminds me of growing up in the 50's and my Mom:>)

  2. Ha ha! What a riot! So THAT's why I can't get my creative writing done. No lipstick. And I don't believe I have ever feared my husband coming home to find me unneatly put together.

    This is from 1949? That's the year I was born! I would have guessed it was the 1800's :-)

  3. Hey Debbie, we are both 49ers! And Kathleen, my house will never be in order again!