Thursday, November 24, 2011

Merry and Bright

Well, maybe not too Merry in this photo, but

she certainly is Bright!
This is Katelyn's version of the exchange dress by Trisha Smith from the Children's Corner.

The Merry and Bright applique is from Embroidique, and the Let it Snow embroidery is just the Sugar and Spice font with a few snowflakes from the Artista software. Merry and Bright was an embroidery design, but with Kathy's help I changed the ornament to an applique. First I selected the ornament, and then I copied it. I went to color film and deleted all of the stitches except the outline stitches. I made enough copies to have a straight stitch for the placement, a straight stitch to hold the fabric, a zigzag for underlay, and a satin stitch for the applique. For the last run through I did a straight stitch on top of the satin stitch. Then I deleted the original ornament and scooted in my new applique outline.
For Let it Snow, I used the font and added snowflakes from the software. I removed the dot from the bottom of the exclamation point and added in a little metallic snowflake. (I was SURE to reduce the speed of the embroidery when I used metallic thread)

Now of course I think my granddaughter is beautiful, but doesn't she look like Jennifer Anniston in this last photo?


  1. Yes!! She could pass as Jennifer Aniston's mini-me. I see so much of Brent in her little eyes. Just precious!

  2. Mom that is an awesome picture of her! And yes she looks just like JA! So precious. This is my favorite dress of Mae's so far. It fits so well and is so sweet!