Sunday, November 6, 2011

I hate when that happens...

I wanted to do this cute little applique on t-shirts for my girls.  Sometimes things just don't work out as planned, do they?
Problem one was my top stabilizer.  I was out of Solvy, the topping that I use  when I am embroidering knits, but I found a tube of  Aqua Film Wash Away topping in my stabilizer basket.  It was all that I had so I decided to give it a try.  It feels just like Glad Wrap; it was difficult to work with and doesn't have the texture of Solvy.  I wrestled with it for awhile and fiinally got a piece on my first little t-shirt.
I wasn't watching my embroidery and yikes!  I stitched the bottom of the shirt to my applique.  I quickly stopped the machine and surveyed the damage. (On the board above my sewing machine I have a post it note with a drawing of the quick reverse button on my Bernina, with the words Panic Button.  It stops the machine, and when I was new to this process, I would watch in horror as my project was mangled, forgetting just how to stop the thing)

I found on my wall of tools a super sharp surgical scalpel stitch slicer, and just sliced through the layer of satin stitches.   I took the hoop off the machine and picked out the stitch remnants, pulled back the shirt a little better, and was able to complete the stitch out without mishap.
The girls tried on the shirts for me.  Other than doing  a shirt for Mae that is obviously a little long in the sleeves, I think they will enjoy their little Thanksviving surprise.  I wish my Birmingham sweeties were dancing around in the leaves in the backyard with them.


  1. And THAT's why I don't sew anymore---because of the things that ALWAYS seem to go wrong---but remind me to tell you about the two days I recently spent in front of my sewing machine and ironing board making a halloween costume for which Moe and I won first prize in a dance contest!

  2. I cannot wait to hear this story!
    hope there's a video somewhere!