Sunday, November 6, 2011

Corduroy jumpers and boots


Pebble drops
foot hops
summer play
sunny day
jump squares
no cares
playin' hopscotch.
                                        ~Robert E. Blackwell
                   We painted the concrete squares so that Bibi could have hopscotch in her backyard.  I had lots of help, and oddly enough, there were no real paint tragedies other than a few spots that easily washed off little boots.
         I finished another dress that was started in Nashville at the Children's Corner, a FAVORITE fabric store and sewing school.  It is an adaptation of Lillian,  and the fun  fabric is accented by bias bands.  The dress and bands are both a very soft corduroy, so they were easy to work with and are soft next to Issa's skin.  A glue pen helped to keep the strips straight as I sewed them down, and the #10 foot kept the topstitching nice and even.  It is lined with a pretty lime green gingham.
         The dress buttons down the back, and the bottonholes were easy to put in with the automatic buttonhole foot.  I even sewed on the buttons with the #18 button foot.
         Issa had grown a little more than I expected when I cut the dress out, so I used one of the extra bias strips for the hem and it hits her in just the right spot.

         And Miss Mae is perfectly happy in last year's jumper;  if I remember correctly her feeling was..." I don't wike it!"


  1. Just precious! Both dresses look like they come from a boutique. I guess they do! Bibi's Boutique :)

  2. And we wuv it! Yay for Bibi's Boutique---you need an Etsy site, methinks---

  3. Oh, my sweet friends. METHINKS you are all looking through the eyes of love!