Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rub a dub dub

  How can  Catey or Codydry their tootsies when they get out of the bathtub? On their new bath mat!

If you don't recognize these little toes with the silver toenails, they belong to Issa, and she was kind enough to lend her feet for the photograph. Thank you Issa!
This mat was monogrammed using the Classic font, and I increased the underlay to a double zigzig. I did not change the pull compensation; it would have plumped up the letters a little more, but I am happy with the way the monogram turned out. I did not hoop the mat, I just used a tearaway stabilizer in the hoop, sprayed it with a little 505, matched the center of the mat to the center of the stabilizer, put a little solvy on top and stitched away.
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  1. OMG---who would have thunk it---beautiful gift idea---I may come knocking again soon!