Friday, July 8, 2011

a petite lawn dress

I think lawn is such a pretty name for a fabric; it conjures up images of the English countryside in the summertime. It is a little crisper than a batiste; it has more body but is still so soft to the touch. I think Issa will like wearing this dress because it is going to feel so good to wear. The dress was designed by Lezette Thomason from Children's Corner, and it is based on three patterns...Tiffany, Elizabeth and a sleeve from Kinsey that has been modified to have a "peek-a- boo" opening that is edged in rickrack. The rickrack edges the round yoke and the bottom of the ruffle, but is difficult to see in this photo. This is a size 6 and I hope it fits Issa, but it may be another dress for next spring.

The rickrack was so much easier to attach using this Sewline Glue Pen. Just stick it down where you want it and then stitch. The tiny baby rickrack would have been difficult to pin in place, but it was quick and easy with the glue pen.
The princess with the crooked crown was more than happy to be photographed this morning, especially since her sister had a little bit of a pout on this sunny day.
The dress is designed to be a mid calf length.

I started this dress at the Children's Corner workshop in Nashville. Their workshops are so much fun, and then you come home with 3 or 4 little dresses in varying degrees of completion. I have one more little dress for fall to finish, then it may be time for another road trip to Tennessee.

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