Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recycle! Reuse!

You know I love my linen, so when I found a linen shower curtain in a pile of fabric given to me by Sharen, it haunted me for days. I didn't really need a shower curtain, but I did need a window treatment at one of the long ugly windows at the lake. I was sitting at my Bernina and glanced up at the Pottery Barn shade...Eureka!

I would do a knock off! Theirs had long ties, not buttons, but my shower curtain had button holes so I turned it upside down and used it to button up to vary the length. I had some matching yellow (from age, I imagine) buttons in my button box and I liked them up against the linen. I added a strip of linen at the top, just like my Pottery Barn shade, and turned a double half inch hem on either side. A rod pocket at the top and I was finished!

I am going to send my shade with Mandy to the lake and let her hang it, that is IF she can figure out the convuluted design.

Honestly...Mandy is at the lake and just hung this. Isn't technology amazing??


  1. What a nifty idea! The curtain looks great!

  2. I was in your class in Nashville. I'm trying to get in touch with you. I was the one from MS.
    Please e mail me.

  3. Shannnon, thanks for the kind words! I love making something out of my stash that had no real purpose!

  4. and Jane...I will send those directions to you asap!