Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You Are My Sunshine...

Forget not the the earth
To feel your bare feet
 And the winds long to
 play with your hair.

                   ~ Khalil Gibran

I just finished Children's Corner Stella for my sweet Issa, and now it is Miss Mae's turn for a new dress.  Hers is not nearly as conservative as Issa's, and I think this will suit granddaughter #3  just fine!

I used Olive Ann Designs  Butterscotch pattern.  We have had some cute prints in the store and I wanted to try it for Mae.  Since my girls have moved to the beach and are already wearing sundresses, I couldn't  wait to finish this one.

The bows were put on a little differently than I expected, they are 2 completely separate parts.  After I had attached the first piece, I thought maybe this wasn't such a good choice for Mae, the bodice looked like a swimsuit top and I didn't really like the look.  As I read ahead though,  I saw that the bow actually went on top of this piece, and it changed the look completely.

The good (not so good) news is, this pattern comes with a pattern for the same dress for an 18" doll.  Dad Gummit!  I am tired of sewing for dolls and I don't know why, it is just not my favorite way to spend my time in the sewing room.  Oh Well, I am sure when I tell Mae,  I know what my next project will be...

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