Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Small Treats

One of the secrets of a happylife is continuous small treats.

                   ~ Iris Murdoch

I almost let Valentines Day get away without sending treats to my girls.  I found 2 shirts in my stash,  went to Planet Applique to find designs that I thought they would like, downloaded them and was stitching within minutes!  It boggles an old Bibi's mind if I think about it for very long!

I am still out of a good cutaway stabilizer, but I used 2 layers of polymesh, a layer of tearaway under that, and solvy on top of the shirt as I stitched.  I used the Harrington font for the little initials on the shirts, and just let my 780 stitch away.  The envelope was in the mail by early afternoon and I hope my little girls get them in time to wear them for the big V Day!

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