Monday, September 9, 2013

School Days for Katelyn, grade 3

“What a pity every child couldn't learn
 to read under a willow tree...”
        ~ Elizabeth George Speare,
           The Witch of Blackbird Pond

     The girls have been back to school for over 2 weeks now, so it is time to start the little skirts and t-shirts that they all enjoy wearing.  I may repeat this one for Miss Mae;  Katelyn seems to like it!  But I have learned that you never know what will strike their fancy.  They may like a fabric on the bolt, but that does not necessarily translate to a favorite garment to wear to school.

     When we got this fabric into the store I thought it would be a perfect back to school fabric.  I loved the shades of green and the alphabet print, and the green stripe is a nice companion fabric.  I did not use a pattern for the skirt, but measured from her waist to the desired length.  I would get tickled as I measured around what I thought was her waist, and she would grin and say,  "That's not how I wear it, Bibi!" and then slide it down a bit.  That's just one of the little chuckles you get sewing for grands!
      The font on the t-shirt is from Fancyfonts, and it is one of my older designs.  You can's see unless you zoom in really close, but it has dots running down the main part of the  K.  I did those in orange, the K in turquoise and her name across in green. The ruffled T-shirt is one of my favorites;  it is from Montag.

I won't have to announce the purchase of a new phone, you will know by the absence of the dark line across the corner of my photographs!  Now on to a skirt and t-shirt for Miss Mae, buton second thought, I have to do something in between because I don't just love doing the same thing over again.

I'm upstairs to my 780 soon!

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