Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes

Our lives are like quilts - bits and pieces,
 joy and sorrow, stitched with love.  
                          ~Author Unknown

     I have not yet had the opportunity to meet Everett, but I love his family so much; I was eager to make a little rag quilt so that he can be wrapped up on those cool mountain evenings.

     My first step in making this little quilt was to find  
blue and brown flannels and cut them into 6 inch squares.
I was reminded by this project that there are not NEARLY 
the number of choices for boys as their are for girls, 
but with visits to different fabric stores I was able to
come up with a nice variety of prints.     
                                                                                                                                                                             I cut warm and natural batting into 5 inch squares, then made my quilt sandwiches.
Since this was a baby quilt,  I made 63 sandwiches, making the quilt 7 sandwiches wide by 9 sandwiches long, just fine for a crib size.

      I quilted each sandwich together with diagonal lines from opposite corners and put his name, birth date, and some special names on several of the squares.  Next I sewed the squares together,  using half inch seams and sewing WRONG sides together.

Using special shears that are made for clipping these quilts, I carefully snipped at quarter inch intervals, but not going through the seam.  I washed and dried it twice to get the nice soft fuzzy look that makes a rag quilt so special.

I cannot wait to meet sweet Everett and give him a big Bibi hug.

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