Sunday, April 14, 2013

If at first you don't succeed....

Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped.
 ~African Proverb

Rachel gave me a little pink tank top to stitch up  for Katelyn, and I thought that this owl would look cute on it. I had a photo with the colors of the skirt that she would wear it with, and I carefully picked out fabrics and threads to match. Joe and I had just gotten back in town, and I admit that I did have a sip or two of wine with Mandy,and I was a little tired,  but upstairs I went to finish the project that I had started.
I used an orange stripe that I had gotten from .the Atlanta Sewing Center in Duluth, a green polka dot from my stash, and added a blue feather accent.  I was getting ready to stitch out the eyes and the details that were going to give life to the applique. 

 As I ran my fingers over the fabric to admire my handiwork, I felt it... the dreaded lump under the hoop.

I was so excited about this design.  The stitching is so pretty, not just ordinary satin stitches around the fabric, but I guess you will not see those in this post.


So, girlfriends, when will I learn?
I am an early bird,  I sew best in the morning.

I am a cheap date, and even a glass of wine makes me just a little too relaxed        to sew.

So I am off tomorrow, I will make a trip to Walmart to hopefully find another little tank top, stitch it out and get it in the mail to Birmingham.  Hopefully this will be a lesson learned!

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